Basic Digital Photography

Learn digital camera operation, photographic principles and get some hands-on experience with your camera.  Topics will include the fundamental elements of aperture, shutter speed and ISO speed. Students will be introduced to composition of depth. Bring your digital camera (charged or with fresh batteries).


Painting (Watercolor and Oils)

This workshop introduces students to the basic watercolor and oil paint media.  Tools and techniques, and how to mix colors will be explored.  Composition will be taught through still life and landscape subjects.


Drawing a Still Life Composition

Develop skills in creating a still life observational drawing constructed from fruits, bowls, bottles, and drapery.  Students will learn balance, composition, line quality, value, space, figure/ground relationship, scale and proportion, and shading.


Basic Hand-Sewing and Machine-Sewing

This workshop will help you become aware of the basic hand sewing and machine sewing methods and supplies needed.  You will be able to sew by hand, starting with threading a needle, typing a knot, and using a thimble.  Baste or tack by hand to hold a garment together temporarily until final machine stitching, slip baste by hand, make running stitches by hand, slip stitch by hand to finish a turned edge, sew hems and buttons by hand.  Also learn how to measure yourself for size.


Centerpiece Floral Arrangement

Students will learn what a centerpiece floral arrangement is, its purpose and the steps for constructing a round centerpiece arrangement.  Flower arranging lessons for silk and dried flowers teach students the differences and similarities compared to working with fresh flowers.


Make a Wreath

This workshop will teach you the skills necessary to make a wreath, an arrangement of evergreens, flowers, plastic fakes, burlap, wildflowers, or dried flowers on a round base.  Learn the basics of tools and techniques, how to use a wreath base, how to attach materials, and to design your own wreath mainly for seasonal and personal gift-giving.  Finally, learn how to make a ribbon bow.


Basic Table Setting

Setting a table is not as difficult as it seems.  The basic rule is: Utensils are placed in the order of use, that is, from the outside in.  A second rule, with only a few exceptions is: Forks go to the left of the plate, and knives and spoons go to the right. Learn from a set-up demonstration.


•••All workshops are limited to five participants, ages 16+. Fee includes materials. For more information, email: Dates and time will be posted.•••